XpertHR + Dovetail Software = ‘HR answers in 30 seconds or less,’ says @DwaneLay

We’re excited to announce a new strategic alliance between XpertHR and Dovetail Software, which could help make your day-to-day HR work a whole lot easier! So what do we have to offer?

Well, remember the Domino’s ad promising delivery in 30 minutes or less, or your pizza is free?

In today’s age of smartphones and tablets, the alliance between XpertHR and Dovetail goes one step further (at least when it comes to the time element – we can’t promise free pizza, sadly!).

“Thirty seconds or less to get HR an answer, that’s our credo,” says Dwane Lay, Dovetail’s Head of Process Design (aka @DwaneLay on Twitter).

So what’s the XpertHR US/Dovetail alliance all about?

O.K. you may not be able to eat pizza on your android or iPhone… yet. But when it comes to HR, the range of available HR solutions is quite real – not virtual. And so are the benefits they offer.

“You don’t have to keep doing the same research over and over,” Lay explains. “There is so much we can do to make HR more efficient and more effective. And if there’s a change in the law, we want to get it to you right away.”

That’s why Dovetail (a web-based service that delivers HR case management solutions while also improving employee support and reducing employers’ costs) and XpertHR (your one-stop shop for employment law answers) have entered into a partnership agreement that will revolutionize the HR landscape.

“This partnership is an absolute natural tie-in,” says Lay. We here at XpertHR couldn’t agree more!

How we can make your HR life easier: How about that Affordable Care Act?

So how can the XpertHR/Dovetail joint offering help you in your day-to-day HR work?

Actually, quite a lot.

Need an example? Look no further than that little health care reform law you may have heard of, the Affordable Care Act. Just as saying:

  • “rain is in the London weather forecast,” or
  • “New York sure has some tall buildings,” or
  • “those wacky Kardashian sisters like being on television,”

is to be the master of the obvious, so too it is a classic understatement to proclaim that the new US health care law is a big deal.


“Let’s face it, the Affordable Care Act is pretty complex,” says Dwane Lay. “Having a resource like XpertHR is really invaluable when you’re trying to understand complex employment law and still operate in the best interest of your company.”

Together XpertHR’s US website and Dovetail aim to ensure that HR professionals have all the solutions they need when it comes to employment issues like the Affordable Care Act and others. XpertHR provides user-friendly legal insight guides, policies and more. Dovetail has policy implementation and day-to-day compliance covered.

Documentation: HR can’t live with it, can’t live without it

That’s not the only way the XpertHR/Dovetail partnership can help.

Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville famously coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid,” to keep Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign on message.

For HR professionals, an appropriate variation on that memorable mantra would be: “It’s the documentation, stupid.”

“Documentation is the absolute bane of HR,” says Lay. “It’s boring, but it’s really important. Knowing what you have to produce is really vital.”

That’s why an HR team not only needs to handle its interactions with employees consistently, but also must document matters correctly in order to reduce risk. Documenting things correctly is a key step in the risk-reduction process.

Helping reduce risk is what both XpertHR and Dovetail are all about:

  • Staying ahead of the myriad employment law changes to ensure regulatory compliance is where XpertHR comes into play.
  • Dovetail brings the ability to create a category for knowledge base articles of any topic. 

That’s why the strategic partnership of XpertHR and Dovetail is a huge step forward for HR professionals who want more solutions at their fingertips.

So while we can’t guarantee free pizza, the unique partnership of XpertHR and Dovetail can promise a plethora of useful solutions to solve nettlesome HR problems. 

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