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HR Intel: Hollywood Leads the Workplace Diversity Charge

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Now that the #Oscarsowhite controversy is in the rearview mirror, elite Hollywood actors and talent agencies are leading the charge for more diversity… continue

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10 Challenging Issues Employers Will Face in 2016

In the past year, a host of court cases, legislation and regulatory actions have questioned the very nature of who is considered an employer and who is considered an employee along with what rights and benefits employees should be entitled… continue

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Why the Expanding Joint Employer Standard Could Create Liability

Employers are still feeling the shockwaves from the National Labor Relations Board’s recent expansion of what qualifies as a “joint employer” in a ruling that potentially alters longstanding business models. In a recent XpertHR webinar, Greenberg Traurig attorney Todd Wozniak  … continue

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Independent Contractor—Or Not? Spend More Now to Avoid Big Payments Later

There’s been somewhat of a push and pull over the last few years for employers and HR professionals when it comes to staffing issues. On the one hand, many employers have been hesitant to add new staff since the bottom… continue

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The Buffalo Jills

Misclassification of independent contractors could leave team with little cheer

Having workers sign an agreement in which they are classified as “independent contractors” does not make them so.
As a headline-grabbing lawsuit filed by cheerleaders for an American football team illustrates, employers must also limit how much they direct and… continue

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Independent contractors: Don’t let a little bad publicity scare you away

There are plenty of reasons to be scared about hiring independent contractors in the US these days:

Fifteen states have partnered up with the federal government to go after employers that misclassify employees as independent contractors;
The new US Secretary… continue

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