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Errors all around

HR Intel: Don’t Let #deleteuber Happen to Your Company

Every now and then a news story pops up illustrating the importance of aligning corporate, HR and PR strategies. These stories are often largely negative, painting companies in a bad light while we play Monday morning quarterback. The blood and… continue

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Employee handbook

Update Your Employee Handbook for 2017

With 2017 around the corner, it’s time to review and update your employee handbook, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure it is legally compliant and reflects the latest developments affecting HR.
There are a number of significant legal… continue

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Computer hacker stealing data from a laptop

6 Ways HR Can Help Minimize the Risk of a Cyber Breach

In this age of digital information with smartphones, smartwatches and cloud computing, data breaches have become all too common. These breaches create serious risk for employers and employees alike, not to mention customers, who may lose valuable information and suffer… continue

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Mega HR Trends for 2017 and Beyond – Perspectives on the Future of the Workplace from #SHRM16

First in a Series
Having the perspective of several weeks to digest SHRM’s fabulous annual conference, key short and long term challenges and opportunities for HR increasingly come into sharp focus.
The benefit of press access at the conference provided… continue

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Election Day 2014 - Republicans and Democrats in the campaign

HR Intel: Your Handling of Political Discourse at Work is an Important Indicator of Success

A regular round up of news, legal trends and workplace developments to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Your company’s stance on politically-charged discourse at work says a lot about company culture, but it’s also an important indicator of… continue

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Young Japanese Boy Is Losing Money

HR Intel – How the Job Market Tug-of-War Impacts HR

A regular round up of news, legal trends and workplace developments to help keep HR ahead of the curve.
The job market is stuck in a rut and it’s not because of people clamoring for jobs. In fact, it’s the… continue

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HR Intel Picture

HR Intel – HR is the First Line of Defense in the War Against Workplace Violence and More…

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Last week’s mass murder at a Southern California office holiday party represents one of the worst workplace violence incidents in US history. Only… continue

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Why Employees Don’t Trust HR: New Podcast Takes In-Depth Look

Can employees actually trust Human Resources? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got more than he bargained for this summer after inviting employees to come forward to the company’s HR department with their concerns following a controversy about Amazon’s workplace culture.… continue

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Five Need to Know Trends About Employee Handbooks

When it comes to employee handbooks, employers should commit to managing them as ever-evolving documents which should be kept current and updated and amended based on changes and trends in the law, culture and society.
Here are five need to… continue

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Why US non-union employers cannot ignore the National Labor Relations Act

Now, more than ever, US non-union employers cannot afford to ignore the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), simply because they do not have a unionized workforce. The fact is that the NLRA provides union and non-union employees alike the right… continue

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