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We are hiring apply now concept on tablet screen

3 Ways to Use Digital Platforms for Recruiting

The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the digital platforms that run on it have transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. From paying bills to watching shows to selling attic ware, many of our transactions take place in the… continue

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office (USCIS)

Form I-9 Changes: What Employers Need to Know

Ready or not, the time has come for all employers to use the new Form I-9. While employers were still permitted to use the prior form until January 21, 2017, the new form must now be used to verify the… continue

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Happy New Year 2017 card

Host of New Employment Laws Ring in the New Year

Deregulation may be in the air at the federal level, but that’s certainly not the case in many states. As the calendar turned to 2017, a host of new state employment laws took effect which go well beyond federal requirements.… continue

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Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign

What the Trump Administration Bodes For Employers

With President-elect Donald Trump set to take office in little over a month, employers are almost certain to face a much different regulatory climate.
While Walter White, of Breaking Bad fame, may not be taking the helm of the DEA… continue

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Factory of Future

How Robots Are Transforming the Workplace

It’s no overstatement to say that robots and artificial intelligence may change the workplace at a level not since the Industrial Revolution. Robots already are checking in guests at a few Tokyo hotels.
Closer to home, sales clerk robots are… continue

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veterans day sign

4 Tips for Helping Veterans in the Workplace

As we commemorate Veterans Day, an employer should take note of the tremendous talent, skills and qualifications veterans can bring to the workplace. Through their sense of leadership and commitment, veterans can enrich a workforce, improve an employer’s public image… continue

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Uber headquarters entrance in San Francisco with sign

Why the Gig Economy Is a Game Changer for Employers

With the number of freelance or contract workers very much on the rise, a new term “the gig economy” has grown along with it. The gig economy refers to the contingent workforce operating in a digital marketplace, and Fisher Phillips… continue

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New hire information employment form

New Hire Paperwork and Workplace Notices: US State Requirements

No employer wants to run afoul of new hire paperwork rules. But to ensure compliance, HR needs to be aware of the many state rules that go beyond federal law, including posting requirements plus certain paperwork and written notices that… continue

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Young Japanese Boy Is Losing Money

HR Intel – How the Job Market Tug-of-War Impacts HR

A regular round up of news, legal trends and workplace developments to help keep HR ahead of the curve.
The job market is stuck in a rut and it’s not because of people clamoring for jobs. In fact, it’s the… continue

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Covenant not to compete

Hiring an Employee Subject to a Restrictive Covenant: Risky or Smart Business?

What company wouldn’t want their competitor’s employees? They already have the specialized industry knowledge and skills that can help your company be successful.  However, hiring a direct competitor’s employees raises many concerns, especially if that employee is subject to an… continue

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