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Millennials: Value-Add to Your Workplace or Destroyers of Everything?

I have a confession to make: I’m a millennial. Now granted, I’m an “older” millennial that remembers playing the Oregon Trail computer game as a kid, but technically I am still a member of Generation Y. We’re also known by… continue

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in HR: Part One – Beware the Risks!

Predictive Analytics. It’s the Holy Grail for the future success of HR. Oh, to be able to successfully, consistently and efficiently hire the best candidates for the right jobs! To retain top talent! To be able to identify who the… continue

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The ROI of Talent Management: Tying the Intangible to the Tangible

The human resource function has long been considered to be somewhat “soft” in terms of being able to apply hard data to prove the value of recruitment and retention activities. From the standpoint of HR pros, they simply “know” that… continue

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azbee award

Awards as Performance Feedback: XpertHR Rates High!

The value of performance feedback within organizations is unquestioned. The frequency, format, etc. might be evolving, but the concept of having regular touchpoints of feedback, and feedback from key stakeholders, is a fundamental tenet of our workplaces.
In that spirit,… continue

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What Supervisors Need to Know Before It’s Too Late

Every work day, supervisors make important decisions that could create organizational liability risks before HR or Legal are even aware of an incident. Robin Shea, a partner at the national law firm Constangy, Smith, Brooks & Prophete, and author of… continue

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Classification Headaches? XpertHR Has the Remedy

It is often said that “good things come to those who wait.” However, when it comes to  wage and hour compliance, it is becoming increasingly clear the time to act is now. In fact, waiting could put an employer in… continue

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SHRM Employment Law and Legislation Conferenece 2016

Top 7 Workplace Trends in 2016 – Key Takeaways from SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislation Conference 2016

SHRM’s March 2016 Employment Law and Legislative conference in Washington DC could have been titled “It’s a Whole New Workplace – Where do I start?” With a slate of politicos, thought leaders, Pulitzer winning authors and Washington insiders, it was… continue

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The Ethics of Training: a Zenefits Case Study

This Zenefits story begins and ends with software.
Software is at the heart of the company’s business model: it provides HR software for free (as is often the case in an SaaS – “software as a service” – business model)… continue

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predictive analytics

Josh Bersin on HR Analytics 2016: Moneyball Meets the Workplace

Analytics, as popularized by the best-selling book and baseball movie Moneyball, is the art of trying to make better decisions based on data. Talent management expert and Forbes contributor Josh Bersin calls analytics one of the most significant trends affecting… continue

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5 Reasons We Love to Love HR

HR is an organizational function that is far too often in the crosshairs of complaints and challenges from sources far and wide. As Peter Cappelli says in his Harvard Business Review article “Why We Love to Hate HR… and What… continue

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