Flu Season and Infectious Disease Prevention

Author: Ashley Shaw, XpertHR Legal Editor

The flu, along with other infectious diseases, has the potential to effectively wipe out an entire workforce. Not only do contagious employees risk spreading their sickness to other workers, they are often less productive. Flu season in the US typically falls between fall and early spring, with February often considered the worse. During this season, employers should take steps to prevent this disease from overtaking the workplace.

There are lots of things employers can do to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace. These steps can include requiring proper hygiene, offering vaccinations, having a good sick time off policy or simply allowing telecommuting options if possible.


Deal With an Employee With an Infectious Disease

How To

How to Deal With an Employee With an Infectious Disease

Policies and Documents

Letter Suggesting the Importance of Being Vaccinated
Business Continuity Policy
Contagious Disease Policy
Emergency Contact Form

Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act

Employment Law Manual

Risk Management - Health, Safety, Security > Employee Health > Infectious Diseases
Employee Management > Disabilities (ADA) > Medical Examinations and Disability-Related Inquiries During a Pandemic
Employee Leaves > Other Leaves > Pandemic Leaves

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