Form I-9 and Immigration

Having an authorized workforce is a must. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has recently escalated its enforcement efforts. As a result, employers must ensure that they only hire authorized workers and are complying with the Form I-9 verification process. No industry, regardless of size, type or location is immune from an ICE investigation or exempt from the requirement to comply with the employment verification process. If an employer does not properly comply with the Form I-9 process it could find itself exposed to serious civil and potentially criminal penalties.

To comply with Form I-9 requirements, many employers are enrolling in the E-Verify program to verify their new employees' authorization to work in the US and their identity. However, simply enrolling in E-Verify does not shield employers and they must properly comply with all E-Verify requirements.

Further, if an employer has foreign citizens working for it on US soil, it must ensure that those foreign citizens have the proper work visas. An employer with an immigration program needs to be aware of its obligations when sponsoring a foreign national for employment as well as the foreign national's responsibilities.

Using XpertHR's various Tools and resources will help employers better understand and comply with the Form I-9 verification process and address immigration issues.



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