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  • Disciplining Marijuana Use in the Workplace: New How To Added

    January 24, 2017

    A resource that guides employers on how to discipline misconduct related to marijuana use has been added. Contradictory laws across federal and state jurisdictions have complicated these types of employment decisions.

  • Trump Administration: What to Expect

    November 14, 2016

    Employers should prepare for the possibility of developments in a variety of areas, including health benefits, unions, wage and hour, regulatory reform, immigration, maternity leave and onsite childcare, and equal employment opportunity.

  • Philadelphia Broadly Expands Ban the Box Law: Employment Law Manual Updated

    January 4, 2016

    Effective March 14, 2016, Philadelphia's "ban the box" ordinance will expand to cover all employers in the city regardless of size. In addition, the amended law will prohibit employers from asking about an applicant's criminal history or conducting a background check until a conditional employment offer has been made.

  • GINA

    August 19, 2014
  • Background Checks

    July 29, 2014

    An employer's use of background checks raises many compliance issues, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act; the state "ban the box" trend that prevent employers from asking criminal history questions on initial job applications; and ensuring background checks do not discriminate against minority job applicants.

  • Ban the Box

    July 3, 2014

    One of the fastest-moving trends in employment law involves the plethora of "ban the box" laws that have sprouted up in a dozen states and more than 60 municipalities. These laws make it illegal to include criminal history questions on initial job applications.

  • Medical Marijuana

    February 4, 2014

    An increasing number of states are legalizing medical marijuana. Two have gone a step further to legalize the drug's recreational use. This list of resources will help employers find out what state legalization laws mean for drug testing policies and related issues.

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