Political Leave Handbook Statement: Minnesota

Author: Amy E. Mendenhall, Marissa L. Dragoo, Corinn Jackson, and Judith A. Paulson, Littler

When to Include

Minnesota employers should consider including this statement in their handbook to educate employees about the availability of leave for certain political committee members or party convention delegates and to demonstrate compliance with Minnesota law.

Customizable Handbook Statement

Political Leave

Employees who are members of a state central committee or executive committee or who are a delegate to a party convention will be allowed a leave of absence to attend such meeting or convention. Employees wishing to take leave under this policy should notify their Human Resources representative [or insert name of appropriate company representative or department] in writing at least 10 days in advance. Leave under this policy will be unpaid, except that exempt employees will be paid when required by applicable federal or state law.

Guidance for Employers

  • Minnesota employers may not discriminate against an employee who is a member of a state central committee or executive committee or delegate to a party convention who takes leave to attend such a meeting or convention.
  • Employees must provide at least 10 days' written notice.
  • The leave may be unpaid.
  • In order to maintain exempt status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an exempt employee must generally be paid on a salary basis, meaning the employee should receive his or her predetermined compensation for any week in which the employee performs any work. Docking from salary is permitted for absences of one or more full days for personal reasons, other than sickness or disability, but not for partial days. When making any deduction from an exempt employee's salary, ensure compliance with state laws regarding wage deductions.
  • Supervisors should be trained regarding how to respond to requests for leave so that they do not take any adverse actions (e.g., termination, demotion) against employees who are eligible for leave and who request or take leave.