Time Off to Vote Handbook Statement: Hawaii

Author: Amy E. Mendenhall, Marissa L. Dragoo, Corinn Jackson, and Judith A. Paulson, Littler

When to Include This Statement

Hawaii employers should consider including this statement in their handbook to educate employees about the availability of time off to vote and to show their compliance with Hawaii's voting leave law.

Customizable Handbook Statement

Time Off to Vote

The Company encourages all employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities and to vote in all public elections. Most employees' schedules provide sufficient time to vote either before or after working hours.

Employees who have fewer than two consecutive hours outside of work while the polls are open will be allowed up to two hours of time off with pay to vote.

Employees should provide reasonable advance notice of the need for time off to vote so that time off can be scheduled to minimize disruption to normal work schedules. Employees may also be required to provide proof of having voted. If the Company verifies that an employee failed to vote during the time off, we may deduct the time off from the employee's wages.

Guidance for Employers

  • Hawaii employees who do not have at least two consecutive nonwork hours, excluding any meal or rest break, between the opening and closing of the polls must be allowed up to two hours to vote (excluding any meal or rest break).
  • Time off must be paid. Generally, employers may not penalize employees, reschedule employees' normal hours or deduct from employees' usual salary or wages for taking leave.
  • If an employer verifies that an employee failed to vote during the time off, it may deduct the time off from the employee's salary or wages.
  • Providing a voter's receipt constitutes proof of voting.
  • Supervisors should be trained regarding how to respond to requests for leave so that they do not take any adverse actions (e.g., termination, demotion) against employees who are eligible for leave and who request or take leave.

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