Weapons in the Workplace Handbook Statement: Maine

Author: Amy E. Mendenhall, Marissa L. Dragoo, Corinn Jackson, and Judith A. Paulson, Littler

When to Include

Maine employers wishing to limit or prohibit weapons in the workplace should strongly consider including this statement in their handbook. Employers should also consider including this statement in their handbook in order to prevent workplace violence, provide notice that weapons will not be permitted inside the workplace and show their compliance with the Maine law that gives employees the right to keep a lawfully possessed firearm inside a locked personal vehicle in a company parking lot.

Customizable Handbook Statement

Weapons in the Workplace

In the interest of maintaining a workplace that is safe and free of violence, and in accordance with the policy set forth in the National Handbook, the Company generally prohibits the presence or use of firearms and other weapons on the company's property, regardless of whether or not the person is licensed to carry the weapon. In compliance with Maine law, the Company permits employees with a valid concealed firearms permit to store their firearms inside their locked, privately owned vehicles in the company's parking lots or other parking areas provided by the Company, as long as the firearm is not visible. Such lawfully possessed firearms and ammunition may not be removed from the employees' personal vehicle or displayed to others.

Guidance for Employers

  • This policy is intended to be used together with a national Weapons in the Workplace policy statement.
  • Employers may not prohibit employees with a valid concealed firearms permit from keeping a firearm in the employee's vehicle as long as the vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible.
  • Employers are not liable in a civil action for damages resulting from firearms or ammunition allowed in company parking lots.
  • Maine law does not prevent employers from creating policies to prohibit the possession of firearms and other weapons inside the physical property buildings or company vehicles. The law does not mandate or prohibit employers from applying other security measures to control violence related to employee possession of weapons. Therefore, employers might consider options such as restricted access to employee parking lots, or requiring employees who wish to keep guns in their cars to notify the employer and to provide a copy of the valid gun permit.

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