Disabilities (ADA): Florida

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Author: Patrick F. Martin, Littler Mendelson, PC


  • In addition to the federal equal opportunity laws, Florida employers must comply with a number of state and local antidiscrimination statutes, including the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992. See The Florida Civil Rights Act.
  • For example, Florida law prohibits discrimination against individuals with a handicap, individuals with sickle-cell traits, and/or individuals with HIV or AIDS. See The Florida Civil Rights Act; Sickle Cell Trait; The Florida AIDS Act.
  • In addition, Florida law contains a specific prohibition against performing any DNA analysis or genetic testing on individuals without that individual's informed consent, except for some limited purposes. See Genetic Testing.
  • Several Florida counties and cities have enacted ordinances prohibiting discrimination in employment that are broader than The Florida Civil Rights Act and Title VII. See Local Ordinances.
  • Florida permits the use of medical marijuana. See Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.