Disabilities (ADA): Nebraska

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Author: Patrick F. Martin, Littler Mendelson, PC


  • In addition to the federal equal opportunity laws, Nebraska employers must comply with state antidiscrimination laws, including the Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act. See Disability Discrimination in Nebraska.
  • The Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act specifically prohibits employers from, among other things, failing or refusing to hire, terminating, harassing, or otherwise discriminating against an individual because of that person's disability. See The Nebraska State Human Rights Law.
  • The Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act contains a specific prohibition against discrimination against employees or applicants based on genetic information. See Genetic Testing Restrictions.
  • Employers are prohibited from refusing to hire a person, terminating a person or otherwise discriminating against a person who has, or is suspected to have AIDS or the HIV infection. See Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
  • The City of Omaha also prohibits disability discrimination. See Local Ordinances.