Disabilities (ADA): New Mexico

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Authors: Charlotte Lamont and Patrick F. Martin, Littler Mendelson, PC


  • In addition to the federal equal opportunity laws, New Mexico employers must comply with the state laws, including the New Mexico Human Rights Act and the White Cane Law. See Disability Discrimination in New Mexico.
  • The New Mexico Human Rights Act specifically prohibits an employer from discriminating against a person with a physical or mental handicap or a serious medical condition when hiring, discharging, promoting, demoting, compensating, or in other terms, conditions or privileges of employment, unless based on a bona fide occupational qualification. See The New Mexico Human Rights Act.
  • New Mexico's White Cane Law states that it is New Mexico's policy to encourage the blind, visually handicapped, and otherwise physically disabled to engaged in remunerative employment. See The New Mexico White Cane Law.
  • New Mexico law prohibits an employer from compelling an employee or applicant to disclose confidential communicable disease information absent specific and limited circumstances. See Communicable Disease - AIDS Testing.
  • New Mexico permits the use of medical marijuana.See New Mexico Medicinal Cannabis Program.
  • The City of Albuquerque's human rights ordinance which prevents employment discrimination on the basis of disability. See Local Ordinances.