Disabilities (ADA): Wisconsin

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Authors: Julia S. Arnold, Sofija Anderson and Patrick F. Martin, Littler Mendelson, PC


  • In addition to the federal equal opportunity laws, Wisconsin employers must comply with the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act. See Disability Discrimination in Wisconsin.
  • The Wisconsin Fair Employment Act is a comprehensive law that addresses discrimination in employment, as well as public accommodation, public services, housing, education, credit and business relationships. See The Wisconsin Fair Employment Act.
  • Individuals with disabilities are entitled to accessible workplace parking spaces. See Accessible Workplace Parking.
  • Any agreement between a Wisconsin employer and another person offering employment in return for taking a genetic test is prohibited. See Genetic Testing.
  • The city of Milwaukee has enacted the Milwaukee Housing and Employment Discrimination Ordinance, which prohibits employment discrimination based upon disability. See Local Ordinances.
  • In addition, the city of Madison has enacted the Madison Equal Opportunities Ordinance, which prohibits discrimination against individuals with a handicap/disability. See Local Ordinances.