FMLA: Vermont

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Authors: Jean L. Schmidt and Susan A.P. Woodhouse, Littler Mendelson, PC


  • Vermont requires parental leave for employers with 10 or more employees and family leave for employers with 15 or more employees within the state. See Vermont Parental and Family Leave Act.
  • Parental leave allows eligible employees time off from work for the birth of a child or initial placement of a child for adoption. See Length and Purpose of Leave.
  • Family leave permits employees to take leaves of absence to help care for the employee's family member who has a serious illness. See Length and Purpose of Leave.
  • Vermont law requires that employees give reasonable notice of the intent to take leave. The notice must include the expected start date and estimated duration. See Notice and Certification.
  • In addition to long-term family leave, an employee is permitted to take an unpaid leave not to exceed four hours in any 30-day period (not to exceed 24 hours in a 12-month period) for certain qualifying reasons. See Short-Term Family Leave.