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Public Sector Labor Relations: Hawaii

Public Sector Labor Relations requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Susan Borowski, Reliable Writing Services


  • Hawaii public sector labor relations are governed by the Hawai`i Public Employment Relations Act (HPERA). See Public Sector Employees.
  • Hawaii public employees have similar rights to those granted under the National Labor Relations Act. See Rights of Employees.
  • Although Hawaii passed a card-check law in 2009 that allows for easier unionization based on a majority of signed authorization cards, it does not apply to public sector employees. See Rights of Employees.
  • The Hawaii Labor Relations Board has authority over public sector union-management relations. See Hawaii Labor Relations Board.
  • The HPERA designates specific bargaining units and lists those positions specifically not eligible to be in a bargaining unit. It also outlines mediation and arbitration procedures. See Hawaii Labor Relations Board.
  • Public sector employees do have the right to strike in certain circumstances. See Right to Strike.