Social Media Password Privacy Protection Laws by State

Author: Beth P. Zoller, XpertHR Legal Editor

The following chart references laws passed by the states which addresses social media and password privacy protection for employees and applicants. The legislation generally aims to prohibit employers from requesting or requiring that employees and applicants provide user names, passwords and other ways of accessing personal information on social media websites as a condition of employment.

State Legislation
Federal No
Alabama No
Alaska No
Arizona No
Arkansas Yes
California Yes
Colorado Yes
Connecticut Yes
Delaware Yes
District of Columbia No
Florida No
Georgia No
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois Yes
Indiana No
Iowa No
Kansas No
Kentucky No
Louisiana Yes
Maine Yes
Maryland Yes
Massachusetts No
Michigan Yes
Minnesota No
Mississippi No
Missouri No
Montana Yes
Nebraska No
Nevada Yes
New Hampshire Yes
New Jersey Yes
New Mexico Yes
New York No
North Carolina No
North Dakota No
Ohio No
Oklahoma Yes
Oregon Yes
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island Yes
South Carolina No
South Dakota No
Tennessee Yes
Texas No
Utah Yes
Vermont Yes
Virginia Yes
Washington Yes
West Virginia No
Wisconsin Yes
Wyoming No

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