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  • Do I Have to Pay OT to My IT Department? The Bounds of the FLSA's Computer Professional Exemption

    Updated to reflect forthcoming FLSA overtime exemption requirements.

  • Unpaid Interns and Trainees Under the FLSA

    Unpaid internships or training programs can result in a lawsuit for back wages and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) unless specific criteria are satisfied. This Legal Insight analyzes standards established by the US Department of Labor and by the federal courts in an effort to guide employers that may wish to establish unpaid internships or training programs.

  • Employee Travel Time Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

    It can be difficult to determine whether an employee must be paid for time spent traveling, whether the travel is for a business trip, a commute to work or to visit customers during the course of the workday. This Legal Insight addresses travel time under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in an effort to help employers remain compliant and avoid an employee lawsuit or an investigation from the US Department of Labor (DOL).

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