Building a Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Building a Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 2:00pm ET
Duration 1.0 hours

Global Diversity is the richness of experiences and cultural backgrounds that comes to the table when a global team sits together on a project or works together at a company or any organization. Diversity is not limited to race, ethnicity or gender differences. It is all the combined experiences that make a group better and richer so that they build on each other’s backgrounds and knowledge.

Join Graciela Meibar, an executive coach and consultant, workplace diversity expert, and formerly Chief Diversity Officer at Mattel for a one-hour webinar where she will share her knowledge and experience regarding how to build a successful diversity and inclusion strategy for a company or organization.

Meibar will discuss the challenges facing employers with respect to working together and ensuring that there is balance and the right culture, and how inclusion can be the glue that keeps everyone towards achieving a common goal. She also will offer tips about how to create a diversity strategy that is linked to company values and business objectives.

Presented by

Graciela G. Meibar

Graciela G. Meibar

Graciela G. Meibar is an executive coach and consultant with more than 30 years experience in diversity and inclusion as well as sales and marketing. Her focus is on helping clients solve career and job-related challenges.

Prior to owning her consulting business, Meibar worked for Mattel for approximately 30 yeas and in her last role she had dual responsibilities as Vice President of Global Sales Development and Global Diversity and Inclusion. At Mattel, she developed a global strategic diversity initiative for the company, helping to address its need for a truly diverse global employee population.

Meibar has an MBA in management from Pepperdine University, is certified by the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, and is fluent in Spanish.

By attending the webinar, participants will understand:

  • The critical importance of having a diversity strategy, not just a compliance strategy.
  • How to go about creating a diversity strategy that is tied to company values and business objectives.
  • How to engage senior leaders in the quest of building such a strategy and how to measure success.