Correcting Employee Attendance Problems

Correcting Employee Attendance Problems - Download the FREE How-To

Attendance problems can lower workplace morale and significantly disrupt employee productivity. Employers depend on employees arriving for their scheduled shifts. Erratic employee attendance may present an especially difficult problem if the employee with an attendance problem is an otherwise excellent employee. Including an attendance policy in the employee handbook will set forth the employer's expectations regarding attendance. If employees know what is expected of them, they are more likely to comply with the employer’s expectations.

This FREE model attendance policy sets out a clear process for the notification of absence along with the time of notice for the absence and acceptable medical documentation to cover longer absences. Download your policy today, to help you effectively manage your employees.


Model Attendance Policy

Employers should use this model policy to communicate their expectations regarding employee attendance. Employers should keep in mind that the goal of attendance policies is to ensure productivity while balancing their employee’s personal needs. This policy should be tailored to reflect the nature of the employer’s business.

Author: Jason Habinsky, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP