Drug and Alcohol Issues

Drug and Alcohol Issues

The US Department of Labor states that more than 70% of illegal drug users were employed. This means that at some point almost all employers will have on staff an individual who uses drugs or alcohol during their time of employment. When drugs and alcohol become a serious issue for an employee their problems can affect the entire organization through safety, health and performance issues. These can include problems such as absenteeism and tardiness, injury to themselves or others, and lower productivity.

These two FREE guides take employers through the key issues they need to raise with employees who have drug and alcohol issues. Download your guide to dealing with employees with drug and alcohol issues and How to Help an Employee With a Substance Abuse Problem today!


Drug and Alcohol Issues

This guide will take you through all the steps you need to successfully deal with employees with drug and alcohol issues, including:

  • Developing a Drug and Alcohol Use Policy
  • Determining When Employees Should Be Dismissed
  • Establishing an Employee Assistance Program
  • Establishing a Drug Testing Policy
  • Raising Awareness of Drug and Alcohol Issues Among Employees

Author: Wayne D. Garris

Substance Abuse

This guide will take you through all the steps you need to successfully deal with employees with substance abuse issues, including:

  • Understanding the Impact of Laws and Employer Policy
  • Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Program
  • Training Supervisors About Substance Abuse at Work
  • Implementing an Employee Education and Awareness Program
  • Applying Substance Abuse Policies Fairly and Consistently

Author: Deborah S. Hildebrand

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