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How to Deal With the "Vaping" Debate

With the rise in popularity of e-cigarette devices being used an as alternative to traditional cigarettes, employers are now faced with what should be done, if anything, about e-cigarettes when they are brought into the workplace.

  • Should e-cigarettes be banned to prevent co-workers from coming into second-hand contact with the vapor?
  • Should vaping be permitted, which might cut down the amount of smoking breaks and encourage employees to quit cigarettes?

Prior to making a decision on limiting or banning this activity at work, employers should carefully consider the pros and cons of these devices such as the health effects of e-cigarette vapor, the effect on employee productivity, and the risk of liability created by allowing e-cigarettes in the workplace.

Download This FREE E-Cigarette Policy Toolkit to:

  • Learn about the growing e-cigarette trend
  • Determine the pros and cons of allowing e-cigarettes
  • Find out state and municipality laws regulating e-cigarettes in the workplace
  • Create a policy regarding e-cigarette use at work

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