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Employee Handbooks

XpertHR Employee Handbooks

An Easier Way to Create and Maintain Employee Handbooks

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date handbook is a challenging process. That is why we at XpertHR have teamed up with top global employment law firm Littler Mendelson to bring you a tool to simplify and remove the stress of building and revising your employee handbook.

Having a good foundation for an employee handbook not only saves you and your HR team valuable time, but also makes the review process with your legal professional more efficient and productive.

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Handbook Content

We take pride in our content so that you can be confident in ensuring your organization's ongoing compliance with rapidly evolving law. Get access to our full listing of federal and state-specific policy statements featuring a range of topic categories including:

  • Commitment to
  • General Employment Practices
  • Employee Benefits
  • Time Off & Leaves of Absence
  • Pay Practices
  • Safety & Security
  • Workplace Conduct
  • Leaving the Company


What XpertHR's Employee Handbooks Provides

  • Authoritative Content
    Hundreds of handbook policy statements and guidance authored by Littler Mendelson, the largest global employment law firm practicing labor law for over 70 years with 60+ offices worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    The most current and robust federal, 50-state and key municipal handbook content available and kept under constant review, including the latest trends and developments emerging such as paid sick leave laws.
  • Clear and Succinct Guidance
    The best information available regarding what each law means, the implications on whether a law applies and whether a policy statement should be included in a handbook.

Hundreds of Customizable Templates
Prewritten, downloadable handbook policy statements with clearly indicated portions allowing for customization.

Coverage on State AND Local Policies
Handbook materials for each and every state as well as key policy statements for major municipalities such as New York City and San Francisco.

"When to Include" Section
At the heart of our Employee Handbooks tool is the "When to Include" section which provides useful background on when to consider including a given statement in your handbook. Know whether considerations such as the number of employees an employer has, or how employees are defined under the law, are applicable.

Incomparable Employer Guidance
Consult clear and succinct guidance for every policy statement, including tips, risks and warnings around enforcement and implementation as well as implications of current and future developments in the law.

Newsletter and Topic Alerts
Stay current with developments and the need for handbook updates with our Employee Handbooks Newsletter and customizable topic alerts.

XpertHR's Employee Handbooks - giving you the confidence you need that your handbook was prepared using an unparalleled and authoritative selection of policy statement templates.

And - even more - helping you ensure your handbook stays up-to-date so you can avoid the risks of noncompliant policies and practices within your organization.


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