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Join other XpertHR customers in maximizing the value of your subscription by taking advantage of our new webinar series: "Get the Most from XpertHR".

This weekly 30-minute training webinar will show you how to best access the wealth of information available to you on all your key HR challenges, and will guide you through XpertHR’s three main navigation tabs to help you meet your everyday HR needs.

In this webinar, XpertHR Customer Success Manager Kristin Hill covers:

  • Tasks: Tasks allow you to accomplish yourHR tasks faster and easier than ever before.  Divided into subject categories, Tasks allow you to pinpoint exactly what you are working on and access the information youneed to quickly complete your to-do list while staying legallycompliant and following best practices.
  • Topics: XpertHR ensures you’re alwayskept up-to-date on core HR topics, giving you access to a range of HRsubjects. We will walk you through the key HR topics, including drillingdown into employment laws like FMLA to help you ensure compliance no matterwhat you are dealing with.
  • Tools: We have a range of practical tools, from legally compliant and downloadable Policies and Documents, to the Legal Timetable calendar, Supervisor Briefings and even an interactive workflow tool, Liveflo. These and the suite of additional Tools available to you in your XpertHR subscription have all been designed to help you protect your employer from costly lawsuits and fines so that you can invest even more into your most valuable resource – your people.

Watch the video to the right to view an example Get the Most from XpertHR webinar. To sign up for this week’s webinar, contact Customer Success Manager Melissa Ramseur.

To Arrange Your Own Training Session or for More Information:

Melissa RamseurMelissa Ramseur
Customer Success Manager

Here is a link where you can set up a training on your own as well.





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