How to Handle a Violent Employee

Violent Employee

How to Handle a Violent Employee

Employees are entitled to a safe work environment, including a workplace free from violence. While there are no guarantees that an employer can stop all acts of violence, you can create a policy and implement it as clearly and consistently as possible to ensure an early warning system for addressing potential threats of violence in the workplace.

This free HR "How To" guide details the extra precautions employers should take to recognize signs of violence in employees. It also highlights the importance of having clear policies on violence in the workplace and the need to enforce those policies at the first sign of a violation.

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How to Handle a Violent Employee

This free "How To" guide, designed for HR professionals, demonstrates how to handle a violent employee, from setting up a workplace violence policy before any incident has taken place, to reviewing any incidents if they do occur. Key questions answered in the guide include:

  • Who should be in charge of responding to an act of violence?
  • What are the goals of a workplace violence policy?
  • Should the employee be allowed to return to his or her work area or should another employee be assigned to retrieve any personal possessions?

Author: Kimberly-Anne Murphy

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