How to Withdraw an Employment Offer

How to withdraw an employment offer - Download the FREE Whitepaper

While most offers of employment will proceed without trouble, there can be any number of reasons to withdraw an employment offer. However, an employer should withdraw an offer of employment judiciously and with caution as it can raise legal concerns pertaining to discrimination and disabilities, among others. Download this step-by-step whitepaper to minimize your risk exposure when withdrawing an employment offer.


How to withdraw an employment offer

Employment offers are typically positive for both the employer and the applicant. In the unfortunate circumstance that an offer must be withdrawn, this whitepaper provides guidance on procedures to follow to help avoid litigation. It includes such steps as:

  • Determine when to withdraw an employment offer
  • Evaluate the reason for withdrawing an offer
  • Inform the individual of the withdrawal

Author: Jessica Elichman

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