How XpertHR Can Help Your Retail or Hospitality Business

HR Challenges in Retail & Hospitality

We understand that your industry faces specific HR challenges. XpertHR's resources and guidance, written in plain English, provide you with the tools to address these challenges independently, thereby reducing your legal bills, protecting your corporate brand and helping you to develop a happier workforce, all contributing to a positive bottom line.

Challenge 1

Avoiding violations of key HR laws – ADA, FMLA and FLSA

With the recent push from the Department of Labor to review the HR practices of retail and hospitality businesses (whether corporately owned, managed or franchised); it is critical that your business is compliant with state and federal laws like FMLA and ADA.

Your brand and reputation are of utmost importance. Mistakes with exempt/non-exempt FLSA classification have led to potentially damaging, high profile cases in the media and the issuing of heavy fines for some businesses.

XpertHR will help you stay compliant with quick reference guides, FAQs and "How To" documents, giving you instant access to the pertinent laws and how to apply them. These are backed up with in-depth information in the employment law manual and dates for key legislation changes in the legal timetable so you never miss a deadline.

For example, administrative assistants to senior-level executives who have been delegated authority over significant matters will usually qualify, but lower-level administrative assistants who support mid-level managers or are responsible for tasks such as data-entry, filing or typing will most certainly not. Download our "How To" for step-by-step instructions you can use to determine whether an employee qualifies for the administrative exemption.

Challenge 2

Recruiting seasonal and permanent staff, and reducing staff turnover

XpertHR helps ensure you are current on the constantly evolving federal and state laws around recruiting and hiring - such as the I-9, state background check laws, recent social media recruitment rulings, employee classification, and high profile immigration rulings. ICE is estimating over 6,500 I-9 investigations in 2013 compared to 508 in 2008 and just over 2500 in 2010.

Reducing employee turnover saves significant time and money, so XpertHR offers best practice advice on being an employer of choice which improves retention and has a proven ROI.

Challenge 3

Training new employees, particularly when operating across different states

Providing comprehensive training for new employees, supervisors, managers, and franchisees is critical to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws.

XpertHR's supervisor briefings and "How To" documents ensure your staff obtain current, legally compliant and consistent information on HR and employment law practices.


What is XpertHR?

XpertHR provides HR professionals with a range of resources to reduce risk, help you stay compliant with federal, state and municipal law and adopt best practices in human resource management.