HR Careers 2014: Key findings of the XpertHR survey

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Our new research report, based on XpertHR's exclusive spring 2014 HR Careers survey, gives you an insight into the stories behind HR practitioner's careers.

Download the survey report to get details of:

  • How today's HR practitioners came to choose the profession
  • The factors that have most helped or hindered their progress
  • Their doubts and regrets
  • The advice they would offer a young person on the brink of an HR career today

The survey allows you to compare your career with those of our responders and see if you have the same obstacles, experience and qualifications.


HR Careers 2014: Key findings of the XpertHR survey

This survey collected data from a diverse range of HR practitioners, which together represent organizations employing 1,715,187 people. Their responses have been analyzed and are reported in this summary report.

Author: Mark Crail, XpertHR

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