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XpertHR - a unique resource for HR:

  • Save time researching
  • Save money by eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions
  • Reduce risk with high quality, up-to-date, practical information that you can use

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Tasks, Topics and Tools

XpertHR is a unique, easy-to-use solution designed and organized around the day-to-day tasks of HR professionals


XpertHR will help you and your staff perform hundreds of essential tasks, such as dealing with an employee who has posted negative comments about the company on Facebook or other social media, or identifying when you can run a credit check for employment purposes.



XpertHR's comprehensive range of relevant topics provides in-depth information, resources and tools to deal with any HR issue from employee benefits, labor relations and payroll to recruiting and hiring, workplace safety and many more.



XpertHR's tools are specifically designed to present content in the most easy-to-use format, from quick and easy FAQs to step-by-step interactive flow charts to customizable letter, form and policy templates.


A single, comprehensive solution

  • Extensive suite of templates – Access model policies, forms, letters, checklists and be sure to check out our Employee Handbooks tool.
  • Comprehensive legal guidance – Get full compliance information for global, federal, state, and municipal laws, regulations and other requirements.
  • Broad range of topics – Cover the entire employment lifecycle from recruitment to retirement.
  • Search once, find it all – Bypass cumbersome government websites and searching across multiple sources.

Up-to-date information reduces your risk

  • Legislative Updates – Stay on top of legal changes that might affect your organization.
  • Legal Timetable – Plan for pending compliance deadlines with information on forthcoming and recently implemented employment laws and effective dates.
  • Legal Insight – Get in-depth analysis of employment law to help you reduce the risk of costly litigation and damage to your firm's reputation.
  • Continuously Updated – With our extensive stable of employment lawyers, XpertHR will be continuously updated to ensure you have the most current information whenever you use the site.

Trusted and reliable information you can count on

  • In-house Editorial Team - Content is exclusively produced by our team of in-house legal experts, including attorneys and SPHR-certified editors.
  • Contributing Authors – Content is sourced through partnerships with some of the leading employment law firms in the country.
  • Primary Source – Citations link directly to primary source documents including federal and state legislation and case law – provided by our partner, LexisNexis.

Video Transcript

The revolutionary online service for HR professionals, published in partnership with LexisNexis™

Here you'll find a suite of practical tools to reduce risk and help you stay compliant with federal, state and municipal law. You will gain access to the most comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date guidance on employment and labor law across all jurisdictions, tailored to the needs of the HR professional. You will benefit from many practical tools, such as interactive workflow charts, checklists, 50-state quick reference charts, how to guides, supervisor briefings with accompanying PowerPoint training presentations and model policies and policy statements to ensure your employee handbook stays up-to-date, These tools are designed to save you time and reduce risk, and they're all together in one place (hint: It's up there under "Tools and Services"), eliminating the cost of multiple subscriptions.

Employment Law Manual

At the heart of the service is our employment law manual, written by an extensive network of attorneys from leading national and state employment law firms and edited by our expert in-house team, combining seasoned employment law attorneys, SPHR-certified editors and a payroll specialist.

Employment and labor law are presented in plain English in a way that makes sense to an HR professional – covering the entire employment lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between.

Our legal guidance is laid out in a user-friendly way with the non-attorney in mind. We focus on the practical consequences of the law for employers and HR – using real world examples and checklists.

If there are any legal changes in the pipeline, we'll give you advanced warning in our "future developments" sections.

What's more, our fully searchable manual includes employment law guidance for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Specific guidance for your chosen jurisdiction will be displayed wherever it is relevant.

To complement our practical HR guidance you can access the related legal source materials – including federal and state laws, where applicable, plus regulations and case law provided by our partner, the leading legal publisher LexisNexis.

Because all the relevant information is in one place, you reduce the need for cross referencing and checking different resources to find an answer. Spend less time researching and more time doing your job.

Unique task-based approach

Using XpertHR's unique task-based approach, you can easily access the resources you need including hundreds of frequently asked questions, law reports and HR best practice guides - using up-to-date legally compliant language, and supported by customizable email alerts, to help you create or update your HR documents quickly and efficiently.

By adopting XpertHR as the standard reference in your organization you will know everyone is looking at the same trustworthy information, provided in a consistent format to enable them to find the right answers.

Easy to navigate and browse by topic as well as task, our service also features a powerful search engine that makes finding your desired resources even easier.

But it doesn't stop there. All XpertHR customers also have access to Liveflo, our innovative interactive workflow service.

Access to Liveflo – Interactive HR flowcharts & guidance

Liveflo is a leading edge online tool that guides you step-by-step through some of HR's most challenging and risky procedures, providing support at exactly the point when you need it, helping you comply with employment law in multiple jurisdictions.

Keeping Your Employee Handbook Current
Has Never Been Easier

Does the idea of creating or maintaining an employee handbook seem like a daunting task? To alleviate your concerns, we at XpertHR have teamed up with top global labor and employment law firm, Littler Mendelson to create an easy-to-use Employee Handbooks tool that will help save you time and keep your company's handbook in line with the ever-changing legal landscape.

Our unique Employee Handbooks Tool gives you access to hundreds of customizable, authoritative, and up-to-date state and key municipal policy statements complete with clear and succinct employer guidance on "When to Include" the statement in a handbook as well as considerations when implementing and enforcing the stated policy.

And, to ensure your handbook won't fall out of date, we keep you informed of any required changes through our Employee Handbooks e-newsletter and customizable topic alerts. We'll notify you on which policies require a new change or addition, and send the recommended updates straight to your inbox.

Whether your current handbook needs an update or you are building a handbook from scratch, our simple and intuitive Employee Handbooks tool provides you with a ready-to-go resource that will save you valuable time and provide peace-of-mind that your handbook reflects the latest changes in employment law and best practice.