Nonprofit HR Staffing, Cost and Structure Benchmarking Survey

Xpert HR

Finally, there is a national survey that captures important information about HR within the nonprofit sector!

Now is your chance to tell us what is happening in your nonprofit's HR function and to receive valuable data that will allow you to see how your organization compares with other nonprofit organizations.

Whether your HR department is growing to meet an increased demand – or is making efficiency improvements – the Nonprofit HR/XpertHR HR Staffing, Cost and Structure survey will give you the critical benchmarking information you've been looking for, including:

  • HR:Employee Ratios
  • How HR Departments Within Nonprofits Are Structured
  • HR Strategies, Performance Measures & Budgets
  • Time Spent on HR Activities
  • Reporting Lines & HR's Influence on the Organization

Complete the survey today and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of the results, giving you unique access to benchmarking information that will help drive decision making within your organization and across the nonprofit sector.

NOTE: By completing this survey, you indicate your consent for Nonprofit HR to share your data with XpertHR.


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