Parental Leave Laws in the US vs. Abroad

Parental Leave Laws in the US vs. Abroad

September 16, 2015, 2:00 pm ET
Duration 1.0 hours

This webinar compares parental leave laws and legislative developments in the US, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil and considers best practices and lessons learned in managing an international workforce.

Parental leave varies drastically around the globe, with some countries providing for significantly more generous leave than others and almost all providing more than the United States. Certain countries have recently amended their parental leave laws, and more changes are on the horizon. Domestic and multinational employers must consider these laws in each location in which they operate, as one policy may not accommodate all jurisdictions.

Atlanta employment attorneys Tiffany Downs and Scott Wagner of FordHarrison, a nationwide labor and employment firm and affiliate of lus Laboris, an international labor and employment law firm alliance, will discuss real world cross-border parental leave law application and what it means for employers.

This webinar will provide:

  • An in-depth look laws in several jurisdictions, including the US, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil
  • An overview of current legislative development and industry-specific trends
  • A detailed review of key planning considerations for employers

Presented by

Tiffany Downs

Tiffany D. Downs

Tiffany D. Downs focuses her practice on employee benefits and executive compensation. She is the head of the Employee Benefits Practice Group at FordHarrison. Tiffany advises and assists employers with all aspects of global employee benefits, including health and welfare plans, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, and incentive programs.

She has written several articles about parental leave laws in the US and abroad. In addition to speaking about this topic, Tiffany has given more than 100 presentations on the Affordable Care Act's requirements, as well as other employee benefits compliance issues.

Scott Wagner

Scott V. Wagner

Scott V. Wagner counsels clients on a wide variety of employee benefits matters, including international assignments and cross-border compensation issues. He also has extensive experience with the Affordable Care Act. Scott writes and presents frequently on employment law issues. Prior to joining FordHarrison, he was an attorney with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) in Washington, DC.

HR professionals will learn >

  • How parental leave laws vary by jurisdiction
  • Current legislative developments and industry-specific trends to handling parental leave
  • Best practices and planning considerations for administering an international or domestic parental leave policy