Social Media - Employer Compliance Resources

HR Departments across the US are facing some challenging questions on how to implement and enforce social media policies for their employers. Recent cases involving harassment, cyber-bullying, and privacy violations have highlighted the challenges surrounding social media usage related to the workplace.

Social media issues have invigorated the NLRB, and they are stepping up enforcement. It is important for employers to take steps to ensure compliance and mitigate risk in this area. To get started, download our sample social media policy, as well as our supervisor briefing on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of social media usage.

Sample Policy - Social Media

Author: Jason Habinsky, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

This model policy may be used by an employer to communicate what type of social media use is acceptable for employees and what may and may not be posted about the employer. A social media policy diminishes the negative publicity that may be caused by unchecked online postings about the employer and warns employees of disciplinary consequences for releasing non-public or proprietary information.

Supervisor Briefing – Do’s and Don’ts
of Social Media

Author: Douglas Zucker, Bauch Zucker Hatfield LLC

Arm your supervisors with this succinct and effective training tool containing crucial information on best practices regarding employee use of social media. There are many reasons why employers may want to limit employee postings on social media and various types of restrictions employers might impose.

This brief examines the law and basic “Do’s and Don’ts” for supervisors to remember. It also discusses the risks employers face by monitoring employee social media postings and in disciplining employees for violating those policies, based on employee protections under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).