Termination: Fire Employees Without Getting Burned

Terminating employees is an emotional, unforgiving process, fraught with pitfalls that can make a painful experience more costly and time-consuming. The method in which HR handles terminations can either end the employment relationship with a clean break or create additional problems for the employer.

This free webinar highlights these and other issues around firing an employee. The webinar will take you through the employee evaluation and termination process, illuminating the utility of some workplace policies and procedures, as well as the legal implications of employer actions and decisions. With this knowledge, HR professionals and employers at large can develop robust risk management protocols to identify employees who may present problems following termination and take action to prevent litigation.

View this webinar which will help guide you through the process of firing an employee, from identifying the proper designation of an employee’s relationship, to risk management and legal compliance, with real life case studies and examples and explanations of the differences from state to state.

Michael C. Jacobson - XpertHR Legal Editor

Michael C. Jacobson

Michael C. Jacobson is an attorney licensed to practice in New York.

Prior to joining XpertHR, he defended employers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies against employment, medical malpractice and products liability claims.

At XpertHR, Michael is a Legal Editor responsible for the Organizational Exit and Investigations and Litigation content areas.

Michael is a prolific writer and public speaker. He conducts live webinars for HR.com and appeared as a guest on the popular DriveThruHR radio show.

View this free webinar to:

  • Proactively prepare for litigation by evaluating employees, providing information during performance evaluations, using stringent documentation procedures and managing employee expectations.
  • Identify the type of relationship the employee has with the employer in order to properly prepare for a termination.
  • End employment relationships with a clean break. Utilize exit interviews and severance packages to manage post-termination risk, even when it comes to “mass layoffs.”