Texas Gun Laws and the Workplace

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Texas is one of several states with more lenient gun control laws that (with some exceptions) allows employees to keep firearms in personal vehicles in company parking lots (often referred to as parking lot storage laws.) HR may enact policies concerning firearms in the workplace or in company owned vehicles if they don’t violate conceal and carry laws.

Both parking lot storage laws and conceal and carry laws will likely be a hot-button issue for the foreseeable future. Ensure that you are doing all you should to protect your employees and company from any gray areas concerning guns in the workplace.

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Texas Guns and the Workplace

With gun violence on all the major news outlets, it should be top of mind to review company policies concerning CHL (Concealed Handgun License) and how they apply to employees. Our whitepaper outlines the following:

  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Guns and Weapons in the Workplace
  • Parking Lot Storage Laws

Author: Leanne Coffman

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