The Affordable Care Act: Is Your Employer Ready?

With more provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coming into play in 2013, it is imperative for all employers to determine how the ACA applies to them and take proactive steps to comply with its extensive mandates.

This free webinar presented by James P. Anelli, Esq. and Neil H. Ekblom, Esq. of LeClairRyan, will cover some of the key areas employers need to consider in the review and planning process, including:

  • Reviewing who the ACA actually considers as an “employee”;
  • How the ACA impacts companies with less than 50 full-time employees;
  • When to start counting “heads”;
  • Taxes and penalties that will be imposed on employees and employers;
  • Understanding the impact of the ACA's whistleblower and fraud provisions;
  • The requirements to update plan documents and breaking down the new reporting information; and
  • “Pay or play” options – penalties, deductibles and other hidden costs to consider.

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