They Came From Sacramento: California Legislature’s 2012 Work Product for Private Sector Employers

In 2012, the California Legislature passed, and Governor Jerry Brown signed, 876 bills into law.

Chris Cobey and Matt Ruggles from employment and labor law firm Littler Mendelson have sorted through the 2012 legislative work product and present a list of the top laws and regulations that are most important to California’s private sector employers. These include:

  • Greatly expanded access for current and former employees and their representatives to some of their personnel records;
  • New requirements for wage statements (“pay stubs”) issued to employees;
  • An expansion of employees’ religious discrimination protections, and prohibitions on employer actions;
  • The new requirement for written commission agreements;
  • Revised California Department of Fair Employment and Housing pregnancy and disability regulations; and
  • A new minimum wage law for entities employing employees in San Jose.

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