Union Avoidance

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How to avoid unionization

It's never an easy topic for HR to breach with management: The workforce is dissatisfied and is organizing. Prevention of a union being established is a delicate affair that requires full knowledge of the process and legal landmines. This whitepaper provides potential "tip-offs" to alert you that there is trouble brewing and strategies on how to avoid unionization.

Should you be in that situation, you may have little time to educate the workforce to the negative aspects of labor unions. Increase your knowledge about how to communicate with employees and how to keep their needs addressed to prevent a potential labor union.

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How to create a union free workplace

What causes employees to band together for their common welfare? How can their issues be addressed prior to reaching the level where they begin to organize to keep the status quo of your company landscape? Don't think a union couldn't happen under your watch. Complacency by management is one of the leading causes of a dissatisfied workforce. This whitepaper gives you a 4-step guide on how to avoid a labor union from forming.

Author: Jessica Elichman

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