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Is That in Writing? Staying Ahead of the Litigation Wave With Effective 2017 Employee Handbooks

Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 2:00 pm ET

The first exhibit the jury sees in employment litigation is often your employee handbook. Will yours withstand the scrutiny?

At a time of ever-changing rules and aggressive agency enforcement, employers must be proactive in their compliance efforts to avoid increased risks and potential costly penalties. One simple mistake in a single handbook policy could cost an employer hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, well-drafted policies often provide an effective first line of defense when an employer's practices are challenged.

Join Chris Cobey and Jill Lowell, employment attorneys at Littler Mendelson on the left and right coasts, to learn key considerations and practical tips for creating a handbook consistent with your organization's goals that complies with all applicable laws and regulations based on your unique business.

Chris has extensive litigation experience successfully trying cases to verdict or judgment in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies where employment policies and practices are challenged. Jill regularly assists federal contractors, foreign governments operating within the U.S., publically traded companies, healthcare institutes, not for profits, banks, insurance brokers, retail establishments, hospitality employers and hotels to create and maintain compliant handbooks.

In this program, you will learn:

  • How to create a strong handbook, including assessment of what policies should, could, might, or not, be included, and why;
  • Common pitfalls in drafting handbooks;
  • How to identify and handle local paid sick leave ordinances; and
  • How to keep your handbook compliant with ever-changing laws.

Webinar speakers

Chris Cobey Jill Lowell

Christopher Cobey is Knowledge Management Counsel at Littler Mendelson, PC, and practices with the firm's San Jose, California office. He has extensive experience trying cases to verdict or settlement in a broad range of employment cases. Chris speaks frequently on employment issues to HR audiences, and regularly advises clients regarding compliance with applicable state and federal employment laws.

In addition, Chris is a member of Littler's Workplace Policy Institute team and also authors the firm's annual summary of California's new employment laws affecting private sector employers.

Jill Lowell practices with the Rochester, NY office of Littler Mendelson, PC, where she counsels corporate clients, both domestic and international, on a broad range of employment matters arising under federal and state law, including legal compliance and litigation avoidance. She lectures and trains employers across an array of industries, including hospitals, universities, and manufacturing and processing facilities.

Jill currently serves as a member of the firm's Diversity Advisory Group and is the co-chair of the subcommittee responsible for tracking and promoting diversity within the firm.

Staying Ahead of the Litigation Wave: Three Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to create a strong handbook, including assessment of what policies could, should, might, or not, be included, and why;
  • Review common pitfalls in drafting handbooks; and
  • Become aware of ways to keep your handbook compliant with ever-changing laws, such as the multitude of local paid sick leave ordinances.