Workplace Bullying Prevention - a Toolkit for Employers

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27% of workers have reported being bullied at work, making this a serious issue employers need to address. However, many employees feel their employers are neither preventing workplace bullying nor responding adequately when complaints are made. Recent research demonstrates that no one is immune from workplace bullying and it affects individuals of all races, ages, and sexes. Coupled with this, bullying is also hard to define as it can take many forms and can involve physical threats, hostile words or any actions intended to interfere with an employee’s work.

Employers need to be aware of the impact workplace bullying can have on their organization. These include decreased employee productivity and morale, workplace violence, workers’ compensation claims and health care costs, absenteeism and potential lawsuits for negligent hiring, internal infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery.

This free Toolkit for Employers on Workplace Bullying Prevention sets out tips so you can help ensure your organization is doing all it can to prevent bullying and dealing with it should it arise. Help protect your employees from distress and your organization from costly lawsuits.

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FREE Guide to Workplace Bullying Prevention

Download your guide today to see XpertHR tips for preventing workplace bullying including guidance on how to:

  1. Implement a workplace bullying policy.
  2. Demonstrate that you will enforce the antibullying policy, ensuring offenders will be disciplined and terminated if necessary.
  3. Provide comprehensive anti-bullying training to all employees and supervisors.
  4. Put a complaint procedure in place and be vigilant about responding to all allegations of bullying.

Author: Beth P. Zoller, JD

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