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Letter to Employees Introducing Periodic Acknowledgment Program

Author: Michael C. Jacobson, XpertHR Legal Editor

When to Use

This letter should be used to introduce the Periodic Acknowledgment Form to employees and to state the employer's goals and obligations in connection with the provision of the Periodic Acknowledgment Form, the collection of data obtained from executed Periodic Acknowledgment Forms and the use of that information by the employer to either prosecute or defend its business interests.

If the employer intends to have the Periodic Acknowledgment Form replace any other documentation that it had previously used to collect similar data, it should formally acknowledge the discontinuation of the previous form.

The employer should circulate this letter to all of its employees and should include the totality of the workforce in its Periodic Acknowledgment Program. The employer should take measures to ensure all employees are notified of this program and its intent to use the Periodic Acknowledgment Form, make the form available to employees in multiple formats (electronic and paper copies) and require employees to acknowledge their receipt and understanding of both the letter and the Periodic Acknowledgment Form itself.

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