Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Author: Jessica Sussman

When to Use

In today's modern workplace, most employees have a personal electronic device such as a smart phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), cell phone or blackberry that they carry with them and bring to work each day. These devices can cause major disruptions in the workplace. Employers may respond to such disruptions by either banning all such devices from the workplace, or more practically, limiting their use. Banning all personal electronic devices from the workplace provides a significant challenge for employers and therefore most employers elect to restrict employee use of such devices. Permitting personal electronic devices and PDAs on a limited basis permits employees to be in touch with family members and friends without using the employer-provided telephones and computer systems. Therefore, it is critical for employers to determine when they will permit the use of personal electronic devices, where they will permit such use and for how long they will permit employers to use personal electronic devices. Once employers have answered these questions, employers should prepare a personal electronic devices policy that informs employees of the employer's rules regarding same in the workplace.

Below is a model policy that should be further tailored to fit the employer's specific needs