Does This Law Apply to My Organization in Mississippi?

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Author: Ashley Shaw, XpertHR Legal Editor

While all employers must follow applicable federal law, there are also laws specific to Mississippi that an employer in this state must follow. The following chart lists some of the most significant state laws in Mississippi and which employers must follow them; however, it is important to note that there are many requirements an employer must follow in addition to those listed here.

Unless otherwise stated, the employee threshold refers to the number of employees within the state. Where "All Employers" is listed, there may still be limited exceptions, such as agricultural employers or employers that employ only family members.

Law Covered Employers

Drug-Free Workplace Workers' Compensation Premium Reduction Act

Employers that want to implement a drug-free workplace program

Employment Fairness Act

Public employers

Employment Security Law

All employers

Handicapped Discrimination in State Employment Law

State and public school employers and employers supported in whole or in part by state funds

Mississippi Employment Protection Act

All employers

Mississippi Prohibition Against Employer Intimidation Act

All employers

Organ Donor Leave Act

State employers

Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983

All employers

Mississippi Uniform Trade Secrets Act

All employers

Workers' Compensation Law

All employers