Louisiana Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters

This item is part of State Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters

Author: Marta Moakley, XpertHR Legal Editor

In addition to federal posting requirements, a Louisiana employer should ensure compliance with individual state and local requirements for workplace posters. HR must monitor the applicable statutes and update the postings as needed. The following chart contains information regarding whether a specific poster is:

  • Required for all employers;
  • Required for employers in certain industries;
  • Required for an employer based on the number of its employees within a state or municipality; or
  • Recommended for an employer, but not required.

Clicking on the poster titles in the chart will provide access to notice posting information located in the Policies and Documents Tool.

The Employment Law Manual's Employee Communications: Louisiana section offers detailed information regarding state-specific postings and compliance requirements.

Poster Required for All Or Most Employers Required for Some Employers Recommended But Not Required
Louisiana Age Discrimination Poster X
Louisiana Earned Income Credit Poster X
Louisiana Equal Opportunity Poster X
Louisiana Genetic Discrimination Poster X
Louisiana Human Trafficking Poster X
Louisiana Independent Contractor or Employee Poster X
Louisiana Minor Labor Law Poster X
Louisiana National Guard Poster X
Louisiana Out-of-State Motor Vehicles Poster X
Louisiana Sickle Cell Poster X
Louisiana Timely Payment of Wages Poster X
Louisiana Unemployment Insurance Poster X
Louisiana Whistleblower Protection for Public Employees Poster X
Louisiana Workers' Compensation Poster X