Create a Diverse Workplace

Key Points

  • An employer should have a recruiting strategy that supports diversity. Qualifications and an individual's ability to perform the job should always be an employer's first priority in hiring employees. However, recruiting from a diverse pool of applicants will help diversity efforts.
  • An employer should connect with local organizations that have ties to the community to reach a diverse pool of applicants.
  • An employer should provide diversity training to heighten awareness within the workplace of the benefits of a diverse workplace, not just to the employer, but to employees.
  • An employer should encourage employees to work with others who represent varied work styles, generations, skills and cultures. This will help to bridge cultural differences and foster a positive work experience.
  • An employer may want to consider offering benefits, including daycare, childcare subsidies, and flexible schedules to send the message to employees that the employer is willing to accommodate cultural and religious needs.

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