Deal With an Employee With Hygiene Issues

Key Points

  • An employer should develop and implement a policy that explains the importance of good hygiene in the workplace and convey that poor employee hygiene is not acceptable.
  • A supervisor should monitor employees with hygiene problems and determine if this is a reoccurring issue.
  • If an employee has a hygiene issue, or if a co-worker complains about an employee's hygiene problem, the supervisor should immediately address the situation by talking to the employee privately and in a discrete manner.
  • A supervisor should provide the employee with an opportunity to explain any potential hygiene issue. An employer should be aware that a hygiene issue could be related to a medical or religious issue.
  • The employer should work with the employee to find a reasonable solution to the problem.
  • Once a resolution has been reached, the supervisor should follow up with the employee to assure the employee has taken actions to improve the situation.

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