Prevent Age Discrimination

Key Points

  • An employer should implement discrimination and harassment policies that specifically address age discrimination.
  • An employer should analyze workplace policies with respect to hiring, compensation and benefits, to determine if there is any adverse impact on older employees.
  • An employer should strictly adhere to all policies and have a business- related reason for any deviations. Consistency in the treatment of all employees will avoid claims of age discrimination.
  • An employer should not mention age in advertisements for job openings or in job applications.
  • An employer should refrain from preemployment inquires that suggest discrimination on the basis of age.
  • An employer should inform employees that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, including discrimination on the basis of age. This message should be included in training sessions. Increased employee awareness of age discrimination will decrease the probability that employees will engage in such behavior.
  • Employers should then follow standard investigation procedures upon receipt of a complaint of age discrimination.

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