Promote an Employee

Key Points

  • An employer should promote an employee to advance business goals and reward a job well done. Establish a consistent process for promoting employees and uniformly follow internal procedures regarding job selection. Managers should enforce application deadlines and educational or skills requirements fairly.
  • An employer should retain documentation used in the promotion process, and ensure confidentiality of information. Be sure to follow federal and state recordkeeping requirements. Employers in a labor environment should follow the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreements.
  • If the promotion is to a supervisory position, an employer should ensure that the employee has adequate training in any new area(s) of responsibility.
  • Appraise promotion candidates honestly and make factual determinations, avoiding potential negligent retention concerns. Minimize liability by not using a 360 appraisal as a basis for a promotion decision.
  • Review selection decisions on a regular basis to ensure that the process was fair and the best qualified candidate was selected for promotion. An employer should require that decision-makers be fair and impartial, and ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations regarding selection decisions.

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