Diane Gallacher

Diane Gallacher is head of talent, performance and leadership at Validus Group. Her role is focused on ensuring diverse talent and leadership both now and in the future to enable the sustained performance of the business.

At an individual level, Ms. Gallacher's approach enables her to gain a deep understanding of personal motivations and aspirations, and at an organizational level, she helps articulate the future capabilities needed to fulfil the business goals. She is focused on creating motivating development plans that help individuals progress their careers.

Ms. Gallacher also specializes in designing and delivering skills-based workshops for HR professionals, typically in the areas of implementing talent processes and providing career consultancy for internal clients. She has been published in HR journals and websites on subjects including best practice in promotion and career planning. Current and recent clients include organisations in defense, pharmaceuticals, financial services and IT consultancy.

Prior to joining Validus Group, Ms. Gallacher worked for Kiddy & Partners, Aon Consulting and Water for Fish. She was a professional violinist for ten years before moving into consultancy.