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HR Staffing, Cost and Structure Benchmarks 2013

Author: Mark Crail, Head of Salary Surveys and HR Data Benchmarking Services, XpertHR UK

XpertHR's HR Staffing, Cost and Structure Benchmarks report for 2013 provides benchmarking data on the staffing, structure and costs of HR departments in all sectors of the US economy and across all states.

Our study collected data from senior HR professionals in 156 organizations, which together have just under 2,000 HR practitioners and nearly 220,000 employees.



About the Survey

How Many People Work in HR

Ratio of HR staff to Employees

Changes in HR Staff Numbers

Specialist HR Roles

HR's Relationship to the Business

How HR Spends Its Time

Strategies, Performance Measures and Budgets

Changes in the HR Budget

HR's Changing Influence in the Workplace

List of Tables

List of Charts